Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Projects Around the Community (Week of 9/20/21)

  • Roadside Mulching
    Roadside mulching will begin along Lighthouse Road the week of September 20th, weather permitting. Intermittent lane closures may be necessary and flagmen will be present to assist with traffic flow. Drivers should use caution in these designated work zones.
  • Leisure Trail Tree Trimming
    Leisure trail tree trimming will occur next week near Greenwood Drive and Old Military Road. Then crews will continue working through the Heritage Woods area. Leisure trails will remain open and we ask that pedestrians and bikers proceed with caution and listen to the flagmen that will be present.
  • Stormwater Ditch Cleaning
    Ditch cleanout in the area of 50 Heritage Road will begin the week of September 20th, weather permitting.
  • Roadway Repairs
    Pothole repair is scheduled for September 13-15th throughout the community. Flag persons will be present to control traffic, as needed.
  • Tree Trimming
    Tree trimming will take place around the community on Wednesday and Thursday of next week, weather permitting. Flag persons will be present as needed to control traffic.
  • Mosquito Treatment
    Our next mosquito treatment will take place on Tuesday, September 21st during overnight hours, weather permitting.