Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Projects (8/26/22-9/1/22)

Sea Pines CSA Mosquito Treatment
Our next mosquito treatment will take place on Monday, August 29th during overnight hours, weather permitting.
Stormwater Maintenance
Line jetting near the intersection of Sea Pines Drive and Greenwood Drive will begin the week of August 29th, weather permitting. This process cleans sediment from drainage pipes to improve flow.
Tree Care Management
Tree trimming in various locations around the community will continue through the week of August 29th, weather permitting.

Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt repairs are in progress and will continue through August 29th along the roads listed below, weather permitting. Sea Pines CSA’s contractor will have flagmen present to control traffic, as needed.

  • Windjammer Court
  • Mizzenmast Lane
  • Spinnaker Court
  • East Garrison Place

  • Wood Duck Road
  • Wildwood Road
  • Otter Road
  • Lawton Road