Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Announces Plans for Beach Shuttle on a One-Season Trial Basis

February 5, 2019

With the growing popularity of the Sea Pines Beach Club and increased business at the Plantation Golf Club, The Sea Pines Resort is no longer able to accommodate the number of visitors looking to park in the Beach Club lot or at the Plantation Golf Club.

Starting this spring, guests of vacation rental property companies and guests of property owners will no longer be permitted to park at the Plantation Golf Club or the Sea Pines Beach Club, beyond the 50 spaces that are required by Sea Pines covenants. Parking for Sea Pines property owners at the Sea Pines Beach Club and Plantation Golf Club will continue to be allowed.

To accommodate these guests, Community Services Associates, Inc. will utilize one of our empty parking lots and operate a shuttle service to and from the lot to the Sea Pines Beach Club for use by all Sea Pines property owners, their personal guests and family members, as well as Sea Pines weekly short-term rental pass guests. A lot attendant will be present, and day visitors will not be allowed access.

The Beach Shuttle will operate from March 23, 2019 through September 2, 2019 (Labor Day) from 9 AM- 5 PM, seven days a week.

Lot Location
In order to accommodate previously committed storage needs for the Heritage Golf Tournament, the following locations will be used for Beach Shuttle parking:

Saturday, March 23 – Saturday, April 13
Parking at Lot 2 (Located off of Greenwood Drive near the Trolley Station)

Sunday, April 14 – Sunday, April 21
Parking Lot 6 (Located off of Greenwood Drive adjacent to the Lawton Canal Service Road entrance, across from Lawton Stables)

Monday, April 22 – Saturday, May 11
Parking at Lot 2 (Located off of Greenwood Drive near the Trolley Station)

Sunday, May 12 – Monday, September 2
Parking Lot 8 (Located off of Greenwood Drive nearest Fraser Circle)

Cost and Funding
This operation is being conducted on a one-season trial basis. The operating cost of this project is estimated at $61,000 and includes the cost for a lot attendant, trolley driver, fuel, signage and map updates.

These funds will be covered by a $2.00 increase in the fee for a Weekly Short-Term Rental Pass ($17.00 for a pre-paid pass and $22.00 for a pass sold at the gates), subject to approval by The Sea Pines Resort and the Sea Pines Center. The new weekly rental pass rate will become effective March 23, 2019. Please note, timing and collection of funds could be modified.

Additionally, modest preparation of parking lot 8 is estimated at approximately $17,250. These funds, as well as additional costs of $14,400 to modify the trolley to allow for storage of select items, is proposed to come from the Marketing Fund, subject to the formal approval by the Marketing Fund Committee.

This operation will be fully evaluated after Labor Day of 2019, to determine its continued service or discontinuation.

For questions regarding the beach shuttle service, please contact CSA at