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Sea Pines CSA Announces New 2023 Board Directors and Names New Board Leadership

Following the Board of Directors Organizational Meeting, held this past Tuesday, January 17th, the Sea Pines CSA Board is pleased to announce New Members to include:

  • Newly Elected Class “A” Residential Directors- David Ellis, David Pardue, LeeAnn Leahy;
  • Class “A” Residential Director Vacancy: Ann Esposito has been elected by a majority of the Class “A” Board members to fill the remaining two-year position, which became vacant upon the passing of Class “A” Board Member Rich Speer;
  •  Newly Elected Class “B” Commercial Director- Rick Ray;
  • Newly Appointed Sea Pines Resort Representative- Ray Warco who replaced Carolyn Adams;

The Sea Pines CSA Board and Staff would like to thank outgoing Board Members, Dave Borghesi, Carolyn Adams, and Mark King for their years of service. Our condolences to the family of longtime Board Member Rich Speer on his passing.

David Ellis, Chair

Bill Johnson, Vice Chair

Cary Corbitt, Secretary

LeeAnn Leahy, Treasurer

Don Sigmon, Member at Large

Steve Birdwell

Ann Esposito

Bob Gossett

Jim Kaskie

Cliff McMackin

Charlie Miner

Larry Movshin

David Pardue

Rick Ray

Tom Sharp

Greg Thomson

Ray Warco

To view the Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Roster on our website click here