Community Updates

Safety Alert: Object located in The Sea Pines Forest Preserve and Safely Neutralized By Local Authorities

Earlier today, a metal object was found in The Sea Pines Forest Preserve by a Sea Pines CSA employee after the recent rains. The object had a shape similar to a piece of military hardware.

Sea Pines Security was notified, the area was cleared, and access to the area was shut down. Local authorities were called in to assist.

Following an examination by local authorities, the origin and safety of the object could not be determined, they confirmed it was safest to neutralize it in place. The object has been safely neutralized by the authorities, and there is no threat to public safety as a result of this finding.

The area where the object was found in The Sea Pines Forest Preserve will be closed until further notice.

Sea Pines CSA and the Sea Pines Security Department appreciate your partnership in the safety of our community.