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Removing Landscaping In Beach Trust / Sea Pines CSA Open Space Reminders

Land Use Rules and Regulations Part 1 Section 3.1 –

  • Unapproved disruption of government protected critical environments may be subject to penalties as defined by law.

Land Use Rules and Regulations Part 1 Section 6.2 –

  • Special consideration shall be given to vegetation and the land itself bordering waterways, lagoons, the oceanfront and any other government protected critical environment. If such land is not the Property of the Owner, modification of it and/or its vegetation requires pre-approval from its legal owner and/or administrator.
  • Disruption of such areas are subject to penalties for trespassing and for violations as defined by law.

To report an alleged violation of the Land Use Rules and Regulations, please contact Ryan Kash, Sea Pines CSA Land Use Monitor via our online request form.