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Meet Your ASPPPO and CSA Candidate: John Farrenkopf

Candidate Name: John Farrenkopf

Running For: ASPPPO and CSA Boards

Candidate Category: New Candidate; Nomination By Committees

Thirty-five years in Audit and Finance for a Midwest regional bank; Audit director, CFO and financial planning.  Six year term on the board on the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati ($500 million 501c4); Audit Committee, Finance/Operations Committee, Investment Committee.

Retired at age 55 in 2004 and moved to Hilton Head in 2006. Our family had vacationed here every year since 1985. We purchased a home in 1996, that we still own. I joined The VanLandingham Rotary in 2009 to become involved in local activities and to meet people interested in community service. I am past president and served as Treasurer for 5 years.

I have enjoyed coaching boys’ lacrosse at Hilton Head Island High School for the last 14 years.

Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
I prefer to be on the golf course. But I love this place. The divide between the RPOs and CSA is getting bigger. We need to close it. With the participation of the RPOs, we can unite the community behind a common vision, make sure it’s backed by a solid financial plan, and elect trusted leaders without conflicts of interest to lead us— so we can all enjoy paradise.  I believe that it is beneficial for the same RPO to serve on ASPPPO and CSA Boards so that they see the complete picture for the Sea Pines community. I believe I can support the RPOs best interest by sitting on both boards. My experience on the Finance Committee of CSA provides a solid background to lead the community forward.

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