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May 3rd Community Coffee Agenda Posted

Click here to download the agenda.

Sea Pines Community Coffee Agenda – May 3rd, 2017

  • Bret Martin, CSA President
    • Welcome & Filming Process Reminder
    • Post Hurricane Matthew Update
  • Amanda Sutcliffe-Jones, CSA Director of Communications
    • Upcoming Events
    • Website Launch Reminder
    • Community Digital Signage
  • Jerred Mayse, CSA Interim Director of Maintenance
    • Maintenance Small Projects Update
    • Ray Pittman- Hydrology Study Update
  • David Henderson, CSA Director of Special Projects and Operations
    • Sea Pines Beach and Dune Update
    • Landscaping Repair Project Update
  • Toby McSwain, CSA Director of Safety, Security and Transportation
    • ABDI Update
  • Charlie Miner, ASPPPO President
    • Update on ASPPPO/Sea Pines Resort Term Agreement
  • End Meeting/Video (5 Minute Break)
  • Q & A