Community Updates

Maintaining a Beautiful Landscape: The Importance of Ground Cover

From the Community Standards Department: When it comes to landscaping your property, one of the essential aspects is the use of ground cover. Ground cover not only plays a crucial role in maintaining a neat appearance of your yard but also enhances the aesthetics of the community. Below are some important reminders about ground cover for developed properties:

  • Regular Application: Ground cover materials such as mulch or pine straw should be applied periodically.
  • Avoid Exposed Ground: Ensure that no areas of dirt are left exposed without proper landscaping or ground cover.
  • Timely Distribution: Once ground cover materials are delivered to your property, it is important to distribute them within three weeks.
  • Fallen Leaves Are Not Acceptable: While fallen leaves are a natural occurrence, they are not considered an acceptable form of ground cover for developed properties. Instead, opt for mulch, pine straw, or other appropriate ground cover options to maintain your landscape appearance.

For more information please reference Section 4 of the Community Standards Rules and Regulations.