Community Updates

Leisure Trail Safety Reminders

Did you know that Sea Pines CSA manages nearly 17 miles of paved leisure trails within the Sea Pines Community? The leisure trails in Sea Pines are shared by joggers, bikers, and walkers. To ensure that everyone safely enjoys our trails, here are a few helpful tips.
  • Stay in single file on the right side of the trail.
  • Use of roadway, where leisure trail exists, is prohibited.
  • Be aware of vehicles. They are not required to stop while you are waiting to cross a roadway.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way on trails.
  • When passing, announce “passing on left”.
  • Everyone, especially children, should wear a helmet when biking.
  • Obey all state and local traffic laws, including the use of hand signals and observance of traffic signs.
  • Owners or guests who exit Sea Pines via the leisure trail system must obtain the passcode at the leisure trail exit gates to gain re-admittance to Sea Pines.
  • No bike riding on golf cart paths.
  • No motorized vehicles on trails (this includes motorized bikes and scooters).
  • Night biking is dangerous and is not permitted in Sea Pines.
  • Vehicles should never stop and wave on anyone waiting to cross the roadway. This will, and does, cause accidents in Sea Pines.
  • Use of leisure trails in Sea Pines is limited to residents and guests.
  • Lock bikes when not in use.