Community Updates

Effective June 29- Mask Required when visiting the CSA Admin Office which is open by appointment only

The Sea Pines CSA Administration Building, located at 175 Greenwood Drive in Sea Pines has been closed to the public since March 18, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Staff have been working diligently to prepare the office for reopening on June 29, by appointment only, under the safest possible conditions and we have implemented enhanced safety protocols as follows:

  • Members of the public are encouraged to continue to conduct business with Sea Pines CSA by phone, e-mail or online, when possible. Visit our website at for more information on online services or visit to make a request for service online.
  • The Sea Pines CSA Administration Building remains open by appointment only.
    • Sea Pines CSA
      • Please call ahead at 843.671.1343 to schedule your visit. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 7:30a- 4:30p.
    • Sea Pines ARB
      • Please call ahead at 843.671.5533 to schedule your visit with the ARB. Office hours: Monday-Friday from 8a- 4p.
  • Upon arrival for your appointment, please approach the front entrance and ring the bell on the column, a staff member will come out to assist you. Face covering required.
    • If your appointment requires you to enter the building: The designated Sea Pines CSA staff member will meet you at the main entrance door and escort you to the meeting location. Following the meeting, you will be escorted back to the main entrance door to exit the building. No member of the public will be allowed to roam the building unescorted. Anyone visiting the Sea Pines CSA Administration building is required to wear a mask while in the building.
    • If your appointment does not require you to enter the building: You will be asked to wait outside until the staff member can process your request/s.

Safeguards at the Sea Pines CSA Administration Building

Enhanced safety protocols have been implemented at the Sea Pines CSA Administration Building to protect the staff and the public.

  • Plexiglass shields have been installed at all counters in front lobby area and at staff member’s desk in the front lobby.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been set up at the main entrance and at staff member’s desk in the front lobby.
  • All Sea Pines CSA Administration Building employees are required to wear a face-covering when interacting with the general public.
  • Sea Pines CSA staff and contracted cleaning crews are cleaning Sea Pines CSA offices regularly and often.

How to Reach Sea Pines CSA

*General Email Inbox:
* Sea Pines CSA Administration Office: 843.671.1343
* Sea Pines Security: 843.671.7170
* Sea Pines CSA Maintenance: 843.671.7849
* Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office: 843.671.7277
* Make a service request online at
* Website:
* Facebook:
* COVID-19 updates on CSA operations: