Community Updates

Hurricane Related Debris Pick Up Operations

*FEMA has committed to fund the Town of Hilton Head Islands hurricane debris pick up operations through the end of April (6 month term following Hurricane Matthew). The Town has committed to a minimum of 2 pickup passes for Sea Pines and will possibly perform more but at this time we cannot confirm there will be a 3rd pick up pass.

*The Town and Crowder Gulf estimate they will begin the 2nd pick up pass as early as late next week in Sea Pines. As Crowder Gulf prepares to begin this 2nd pick up pass, it is urgent for each of you to make sure you get any remaining storm related debris to the road right of way on your private property. You do not want to miss this opportunity!

*It is very important if you have not already done so that you move your qualified hurricane related storm debris to the roadside right of way on your private property as soon as possible or risk missing the FEMA funded debris pick up. (This includes unimproved lots)

*Please ensure your hurricane related debris is as close to the roadway as is safe and within 10 feet of the roadside. This is a general rule. Crowder Gulf operations are limited to picking up debris within this location and if your debris is too far away from the roadside their crews may not be able to pick it up and therefore it will be passed by and not picked up.

*If your first round of hurricane related storm debris has been picked up by Crowder Gulf and you have additional hurricane related storm debris you should move it to the roadside right of way on your private property as soon as possible or hire a contractor to facilitate this process.

*Sea Pines, CSA will not pick up hurricane related storm debris from your private property. Hurricane related debris on your private property that is not moved to the roadside right of way for pick up by Crowder Gulf will be the responsibility of the property owner to remove.

*Sea Pines, CSA is making contact with property owner’s that have not yet begun or may have not yet made significant progress towards cleanup of their private property. We are letting them know that they must take advantage of this debris removal service or risk missing the FEMA funded pick up efforts that Crowder Gulf is performing.

*There continue to be areas that Crowder Gulf has skipped for one reason or another. They have assured us that they are aware of this and will return to those areas to complete their first pass, perhaps with different equipment better able to handle special circumstances.

*Please continue to keep hurricane debris separated by type. We are hearing reports of and seeing Crowder Gulf not picking up debris throughout Hilton Head that has been combined with non-storm or commercial related landscape debris. We continue to ask you for your help with the separation of these items.

*Contact CSA Maintenance at (843) 671-7849 or by email at
-If you have limited space within your roadside right of way to place your hurricane related debris so that CSA may review options.
-If for some reason your debris pile has been skipped or passed over by Crowder Gulf so CSA may investigate the cause.
-If you feel there is a safety concern related to debris piles, so that CSA Maintenance can review the site.