Community Updates

Greenwood Drive Road Reconstruction Project Update

December 20, 2018
Phase 1: Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to Governors Road
The stretch of Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to Governors Road is open to vehicles, yet remains an active work zone. Construction and additional improvement activities will continue in this area and on some adjacent leisure trails into early 2019, weather permitting.
The following work has been completed or is currently in progress:
  • Leisure trail paving has been completed near the Sea Pines Forest Preserve parking lot, near the entrance to Lot 2 and Carolina Place
  • Sign installation is completed
  • Seeding of Lot 2 (off Greenwood Drive) and Lot 8 (previously used as a the temporary debris drop-off location) has been completed
  • Roadside soil grading has been completed
  • Paving at the entrance of Carolina Place is completed
  • Paving at the entrance of Lake Forest is completed
  • Mulch and pine straw application is underway
  • Tree protection and silt fencing removal is currently in progress along Greenwood Drive from Club Course Drive to Governors Road
The following work is to be scheduled:
  • Additional roadway construction: We have identified some areas of imperfection within the roadway that need to be corrected. We are working with our contractor and engineer on a plan and timeline to correct these imperfections. Timing of these repairs are critical and are contingent on factors such as weather (specifically cooler temperatures) and project material availability. We will continue to keep you updated regarding the anticipated time frame for this repair work.
  • Permanent line striping
  • Raised roadway reflector installation (following permanent line striping)
  • Stamping of the crosswalk connecting the leisure trail from Lot 3 to the Forest Preserve parking lot
  • Landscaping, turf and irrigation installation
Phase 2: Governors Road to Plantation Drive
The area from Governors Road to Plantation Drive is in need of infrastructure repairs and replacements similar to those outlined in Phase 1. CSA has not yet determined a timeline for moving forward with these necessary repairs. If we are unable to begin construction in early January and complete Phase 2 by the end of February, we will have to schedule the project for a future date.
Factors such as weather, project material availability, contractor availability are all being considered. CSA will continue to work with our engineer to determine how to best move forward with this portion of the project. We will keep you updated as plans are determined.
We appreciate your patience as we make these important infrastructure repairs and replacements along Greenwood Drive. If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact the Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Department at 843.671.7849 or by email at