Community Updates

FEMA Funded Debris Pick Up

-Crowder Gulf, The Town of Hilton Head’s debris removal contractor will begin the final debris pick up pass in Sea Pines on February 27, 2017. Click here to view the release from the Town of Hilton Head Island.

-It is very important if you have not already done so that you move your qualified hurricane related storm debris to the roadside right of way on your private property as soon as possible (no later than 2/27/17) or risk missing the FEMA funded debris pick up. (This includes unimproved lots)

-Please ensure your hurricane related debris is as close to the roadway as is safe and within 10 feet of the roadside. This is a general rule. Crowder Gulf operations are limited to picking up debris within this location and if your debris is too far away from the roadside their crews may not be able to pick it up and therefore it will be passed by and not picked up.

-Regarding hurricane related vegetative debris, please do not obstruct leisure paths, roadways, fire hydrants, utility service access, storm-water infrastructure, roadway signage in the community example: stop signs, speed limit/ yield signs. Please also be aware of pedestrian and vehicular sight lines.

-Sea Pines, CSA will not pick up hurricane related storm debris from your private property. Qualified hurricane related debris on your private property that is not moved to the roadside right of way for pick up by Crowder Gulf by February 27, 2017 will be the responsibility of the property owner to remove.