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Deer Road Crossing Safety Reminder: Drive with Caution

In Sea Pines you can’t drive very far at dusk without seeing deer; drive with caution. Deer tend to panic and act irrationally when frightened.
  • Slow Down. Drive at slower speeds during dawn and dusk hours when deer are known to be more active. Also, remember that deer often travel in herds, so if you see one animal there may be others in the vicinity.
  • Use High Beams. Using your vehicle’s high beams (if possible) can help you spot deer more quickly, which can give you the best opportunity to slow down as you approach.
  • Don’t Swerve! It’s an automatic response to swerve out of the pathway of an animal that darts out into the path of your vehicle. Experience proves that the property damage and injuries caused by car vs. deer accidents are more severe when the driver swerves to avoid hitting the animal. The best thing to do when a deer runs into the road is to slow down as much as possible and then allow your car to hit the deer.

What if my vehicle hits a deer?

To report a vehicle collision with a deer within the Sea Pines Community, call Sea Pines Security Dispatch at 843.671.7170. If there are injuries, call 911.