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December 18, 2020 Letter from Larry Movshin, CSA Board Chairman

A(nother) letter from Larry Movshin, CSA Board Chairman
December 18, 2020
By the time you read this email, some of you will have received your ballot for the Sea Pines Infrastructure Improvements Fund Referendum, while others can expect to see the ballot in the mail in the next few days. This referendum was initiated because many non-resident property owners expressed a strong desire to the Board for a referendum and real optimism that a new, simple referendum would succeed. The time has come for us to prove that optimism to be warranted by returning our ballots with a YES vote!

I can assure you that the CSA Board and Staff are doing everything we can to encourage all property owners to cast their ballots in this Referendum. We have created a short video, which you can view at, to explain the referendum’s main points and provide evidence for the need of these new funds. Please watch the video today if you have not already done so. We have also responded on our website,, to all reasonable questions and will continue to do so throughout the balloting period. Please go to the website if you have any lingering questions to review our detailed FAQ’s. We will continue regular communication to remind everyone to return completed ballots as soon as possible, but postmarked no later than January 20, 2021!!!!

I understand that some in our community continue to voice concerns over parts of the Referendum, or with the CSA Board in general; but these concerns are most appropriately addressed after the Referendum passes. For example, concerns about the priority by which these new funds are spent in any year, or whether the assessment will be collected for more than ten years, can be best addressed through Board elections; each year newly-elected RPO Board members will be able to give their own consideration to these issues, and should the RPO community believe it appropriate, a complete turnover of RPO Board seats can be accomplished by the community every three years. We, therefore, ask all our property owners to put individual concerns aside and consider the greater good of the community by voting YES for the Referendum.

We have every hope that this Referendum will be approved so that we can finally get the funding desperately needed to repair, replace and enhance our aged and crumbling infrastructure. Please let me be clear when I say – we want everyone to fight hard for the passage of this referendum in order to save our community from fighting over the next available alternatives. However, if this Referendum does not achieve the 75% vote needed for approval, we must move quickly to assist property owners registered to vote at their Sea Pines address to implement a Special Tax District that will raise a similar amount of revenue. Should that plan fail, we will find other forms of funding to solve our critical revenue shortfalls. That is our goal and our promise to the community — we will not let Sea Pines’ infrastructure and the value of our home investments deteriorate any further.

PLEASE join us by voting YES to improve our roadways; YES to combat flooding; YES to protect and improve our home investments; and most importantly, vote YES to ensure Sea Pines’ future.


Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman