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CSA Provides Clarification Regarding Beach Shuttle Service

February 12, 2019
On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, CSA announced plans for a single-season beach shuttle service following a parking policy change made by The Sea Pines Resort. Click here to view CSA’s previous announcement.
Since then, CSA has received requests for clarification on the details of the beach shuttle service. Below you will find clarifications on our current plans regarding this service. This service is subject to change and may be modified as we continue to plan to implement this new service.
Q: How will the cost for this service be covered?
A: The operating cost of this project is estimated at $61,000 and includes the cost for a lot attendant, trolley driver, fuel, signage and map updates. The majority of the $61,000 needed to support the beach shuttle service will be provided by increasing the fee for a weekly short-term rental pass by $2.00, effective March 23, 2019. This increase will bring the cost to $17.00 for a pre-paid pass and $22.00 for a pass sold at the gates.
Q: How long will the $2.00 increase to the Weekly Short-Term Rental Pass be in effect?
A. The CSA Board of Directors initially projected the increased rate would need to be collected for a period of one year. However, the Board determined the increased rate will onlybe collected from March 23, 2019, to September 2, 2019. Currently, our intention is to revert the weekly short-term rental pass rate back to $15.00 for a pre-paid pass and $20.00 for a pass sold at the gates after September 2, 2019.
Q: Who can use the beach shuttle service?
A: All Sea Pines property owners, their personal guests and family members, as well as Sea Pines weekly short-term rental pass guests, can utilize the beach shuttle service. During hours of operations, a lot attendant will be present and day visitors will not be allowed access. Authorized users of this service may be modified upon Board determination.
Q: When will the beach shuttle operate?
A: The Beach Shuttle will operate from March 23, 2019, through September 2, 2019 (Labor Day) from 9 AM- 5 PM, seven days a week.
Q: What items will be permitted on the beach shuttle?
A: General beach gear will be permitted on the beach shuttle based on size and appropriateness and as space allows. Examples may include:
  • 48 qt Coolers not to exceed 20 x 24
  • Totes not to exceed 20 x 24
  • Beach Chairs
  • Sand Toys
  • Single Pole Umbrellas
  • Beach buggies and Strollers (Folded)
  • Small Boogie/Skim Boards
Any items deemed unacceptable by the trolley driver will not be permitted
Disruptive behavior/ inappropriate language or substances are not permitted
Q: Where can I park to access the beach shuttle?
A: To accommodate previously committed storage needs for the Heritage Golf Tournament, the following locations will be used for beach shuttle parking:
Saturday, March 23 – Saturday, April 13
Parking at Lot 2 (Located off of Greenwood Drive near the Trolley Station)
Sunday, April 14 – Sunday, April 21
Parking Lot 6 (Located off of Greenwood Drive adjacent to the Lawton Canal Service Road entrance, across from Lawton Stables)
Monday, April 22 – Saturday, May 11
Parking at Lot 2 (Located off of Greenwood Drive near the Trolley Station)
Sunday, May 12 – Monday, September 2
Parking Lot 8 (Located off of Greenwood Drive nearest Fraser Circle)
Q: What happens if the beach shuttle is full?
A: If the beach shuttle is full, then those waiting in line will have to wait for it to complete a drop-off and return to pick them up on the next rotation.
Q: Will this shuttle service be provided after 5:00 PM?
A: It is our intention to provide beach shuttle service from the designated lot to the Sea Pines Beach Club from March 23, 2019, through September 2, 2019 (Labor Day) from 9 AM- 5 PM, seven days a week. We will communicate to shuttle riders that the last shuttle will depart the Beach Club at 5:00 PM. We request that riders plan ahead accordingly.
Q: How long will this service be provided?
A: This operation will be fully evaluated after Labor Day of 2019 to determine its continued service or discontinuation.
For questions regarding the beach shuttle service, please contact CSA at or by phone at 843.671.1343.