Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report, October 28, 2022

Its Halloween “Weekend”, and many homes in Sea Pines are already decorated with pumpkins, ghosts, and goblins to celebrate this very festive Fall Holiday.  With Sea Pines neighborhoods now more fully “occupied” during the Fall, and with younger families among our newer residents, I expect that some of our property owners may this year get to enjoy some “trick or treat” visitors Monday evening.

Next Tuesday, begins our Board of Director voting. We are truly fortunate to have a strong slate of candidates this year, which includes two incumbent Directors seeking to continue their work on behalf of the Community; a long-time member of our Board Finance Committee; and two non-resident property owners who have served on various committees and who are interested in serving on the Board. I often read social media posts complaining about the composition of the Board, and even about its loyalty to the best interests of the Sea Pines Community as a whole – something I vigorously dispute. But the best way to affect the direction your CSA Board takes is to cast a vote for the candidates who you believe will best represent your views – whether they are incumbents generally seeking to continue and improve upon the approaches to problem solving taken by the current Board, or new members bringing a new perspective to the position.

I hope you will all take the time to read the candidates’ bios and interest statements and watch the “Meet the Candidates” forum that can be readily viewed at On November 1, ballots will be mailed to the mailing address and emailed to the primary email address, in each case using the addresses currently on file with Sea Pines CSA. Using electronic voting, we believe that voting should take only a few seconds once you have reviewed the candidates’ qualifications. While we are also mailing paper ballots to accommodate those property owners who are not comfortable with electronic voting, I do hope that property owners will take advantage of the much easier and faster electronic voting system. MOST IMPORTANTLY, please take the time to vote!!!

Most of our Board Committees held their last meeting of the year this month, and I anticipate informative reports at our year end Board meeting on November 15. As I have noted in several earlier letters, the most effective way for interested property owners to be part of the “solution” to challenges they may find with life in Sea Pines is to participate in one of our many and varied Board Committees. We typically have as many as 9 non-Board members on our Board Committees and with Zoom technology, residents and non-residents alike can – and do — enjoy Committee participation.

The deadline for applying for Committee membership is December 1, 2022. Applications can be downloaded at I can assure you that committee participation is a rewarding way to work on issues of relevance to the Sea Pines Community – and I am sure that committee members find their participation far more rewarding than debates and postings on the issues on social media.

Our last Board meeting of 2022 is scheduled for November 15 to avoid the “holiday” season; information about the agenda will be published in a few weeks. As always, we truly appreciate our property owners’ support. And remember, you may continue to send comments or questions directly to me at

Best Regards,

Larry Movshin
Sea Pines CSA Board Chairman