Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report, November 14, 2022

My November Chairman’s letter is arriving earlier and shorter than usual – earlier, because our last Sea Pines CSA Board meeting for 2022 will be held tomorrow, November 15, at 10 am, to avoid the “holiday” season. And shorter, because who can complain about a shorter Chairman’s letter!!

While our Board meeting will include very informative Senior Staff reports and reports from our Board Committees – most of which met in late October or earlier this month – our primary focus will be the review and consideration of the FY 2023 budget prepared by our Staff and reviewed and recommended by our Finance Committee. I am very pleased to report that — for the first time in many years — this budget reflects the anticipated availability of necessary revenues to satisfy the pressing needs of a “fully occupied” Sea Pines, and appropriate levels of funding to continue the important rebuilding of our critical infrastructure. I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Board over the last few years – with the support of an overwhelming majority of our members – in facing the need to find new revenue sources and undertaking the sometimes difficult – but clearly necessary – implementation of new fees and assessments. The time passed long ago where we could ignore the need for more staffing in our Security and Maintenance areas to assure that Sea Pines remains the premiere community of the Low Country. The budget we will be considering at our meeting reflects the ability to meet those needs.

If you haven’t yet taken the chance to vote in our Board of Directors election, I hope you will do so before the December 1 deadline. We have a qualified and diverse slate of candidates from which to choose. Elections have consequences, and the BEST way to express your view of the Board’s direction is to vote for candidates who best reflect your views.

I should note that tomorrow’s meeting will be my last as Chairman of the Board. It will also be Dave Borghesi’s last meeting after 3 years of invaluable service as the Board Treasurer. It has been an honor to serve as Chairman for these past 3 years, and I am quite proud of the Board’s accomplishments during my Chairmanship tenure. I have truly appreciated the many expressions of support from property owners, even as I recognize that we won’t please all of our members all of the time. In the end, I can state unequivocally that all of the Board members strive to work for the betterment of our Sea Pines Community as a whole, and I anticipate that this philosophy will continue to drive the Board to assure the vibrancy and value of property ownership in Sea Pines.

Thank you again for your interest in, and support of, your Sea Pines CSA Board.

Larry Movshin

Sea Pines CSA Board Chairman