Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report March 26, 2021

With Azaleas and rosebushes starting to bloom, and warm weather the norm rather than exception, it certainly appears that the Vernal Equinox has indeed ushered in Springtime in Sea Pines. I can testify that there is nothing quite as beautiful as the full bloom of Sea Pines many azaleas and flowering trees – even after many years spent in the Washington, DC area celebrating the arrival of the Cherry Blossoms. And with the arrival of Spring, our Board Committees have also started to move on a number of activities that we hope will bear fruit over the coming year. A few of these are “ripe” for discussion at our upcoming Board meeting on March 30.

In addition to reports from our President, Sam Bennett and his Senior Staff Directors, we will be hearing from three Committee Chairs on proposed improvements in our communications processes, potential improvements to our elections processes, and revisions to our land management regulations. The former is the result of discussions in several committees regarding the availability of information about Board committee activities for public review. The second comes out of months of discussion in our Governance Committee to bring new technology to our CSA voting processes through online voting. The last is the result of well over a year of investigation, consideration and discussion by our Land Use Management Committee, the ASPPPO Board and our CSA Board that I hope will result in updated, revised and more effectively enforceable land management rules. These are very important proposals that I expect will be just the beginning of many important matters that your CSA Board will consider during the year.

Anyone who has ventured out of their home over the past several weeks knows that Sea Pines has been a very popular place this month, and all indications are that we will continue to be at or near “capacity” in terms of occupation of our residential properties over the next five months or so – even without the usual very large crowds created by our signature golf event, the RBC Heritage. CSA is working on improvements to our Beach Shuttle to accommodate the many short-term renters and property owner guests who may not be able to park at the Beach Club, and we are also improving security at Tower Beach to protect those spots for property owners only. But I cannot overemphasize the need for patience as we welcome the many guests who are certain to arrive in Sea Pines this Spring and Summer. Since I expect that the vast majority of property owners came to Sea Pines as “guests” (whether renting or just visiting), I hope each of us will remember how nicely we were treated and extend the same courtesies to those new “guests’ as they arrive this year. And let’s continue to practice good “Covid19” protocol compliance as a way of assuring that Sea Pines remains a happy and healthy destination for all.

I welcome all of you to watch our CSA Board meeting, beginning at 10 am on Tuesday, March 30 at the following link: Promptly after the formal meeting adjourns, we will answer any questions submitted by property owners prior to or during the meeting at And as always, I welcome any questions you may have for me at

Enjoy this great Spring weather and thank you for your continued interest and support.

Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman

P.S.- For those who may, based on my new picture, fear that 15 months serving as your Board Chairman may have dramatically “aged” me, be assured this is an updated picture.