Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report, January 28, 2022

With colder temps and frost delays on our Sea Pines golf courses over the last few weeks, it is quite clear that January — and winter weather — have arrived in Sea Pines this year. Sea Pines has been relatively “quiet” over the last several weeks, particular by comparison to the long extended “in season” we enjoyed in 2021. But we cannot ignore the need to address some of the problems that we face in what I have regularly termed “full occupancy” of Sea Pines — a circumstance created by the increase in homes being rented on a weekly basis, and the more regular occupancy of homes and villas by our non-resident property owners. With the beginning of a new year, comes new enthusiasm and anticipation for a constructive and successful year of activity by your Sea Pines CSA Board addressing those matters.

This month we welcomed to the Board newly elected/appointed members Tom Sharp, Bob Gossett and Cliff McMackin, along with re-elected Rich Speer, Jim Kaskie and me. And in our brief organizational meeting earlier this month, I was honored to be re-elected as Chairman of the Board for another year, along with Jim Kaskie, as Board Vice-Chair, Cary Corbitt as our Secretary, and Dave Borghesi as our Treasurer, with Don Sigmon completing the Board’s Executive Committee as our “at-large” member. Our Executive Committee plays a vital role in assisting our President, Sam Bennett, and me in setting the agenda during the year, and in managing our sister entities, the Sea Pines Forest Preserve Foundation and Six Oaks Corporation.  I truly appreciate the extra time and effort that these four Board members put into the oversight of our outstanding professional Sea Pines CSA Staff, in addition to their roles as Board members and Board Committee chairs.

While January has been a relatively quiet month in terms of Board and Board Committee meetings, it has not been a month lacking in activity by our Staff and individual Board members. Since the work of the Sea Pines CSA’s Revenue Task Force was reported and discussed in November, your Board has been reviewing the many comments we have received from interested property owners regarding those initial proposals. Our Staff and counsel are continuing to expand on the foundational materials that support the Revenue Task Force proposals, while also working to address many of the concerns raised by property owners. We will not be taking any action on the Revenue Task Force Report at our February Board meeting. But I remain confident that the Board will have sufficient data to develop the appropriate level of confidence in the various Revenue Task Force proposals so that we can consider final actions sometime in the next several months.

Our February 8th Board meeting will include updates from our Staff Directors, and some additional updates on the new parking regulations (which can be found here) and the new Leaf Blower Noise restrictions (which can be found here). As noted above, I do not anticipate further discussion of our Revenue Task Force proposals at our February 8th meeting. I encourage you all to view the meeting beginning at 10 AM at (or if you aren’t able to do so live, to view the video of the meeting that will be posted soon after it ends). And we will continue our practice of addressing questions for the Board promptly following the meeting adjournment; you may send questions in advance at or during the meeting up to our adjournment.

As always, we thank you for your continued interest and support for our Board activities.


Larry Movshin
Sea Pines CSA Board Chairman