Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report, February 19, 2021

Well, I believe that was the sun (and some blue skies) we saw for a day (or so) this week, as we muddle through some of the rainiest and dreariest February weather that I have experienced during our many years in Sea Pines. At least we could celebrate the terrific news of a very successful Infrastructure Funding Referendum — with over 75% of the eligible residential property owners returning their ballots, and 87.8% of those voters expressing support for this long-term capital financing initiative

February was an opportunity for each of our Board Committees to organize, introduce new members, and generally discuss their plans and goals for the coming year, with new property owner members seated on each Committee. We have instituted the change adopted last year by the Board that creates rolling 3-year terms for each non-Board committee member. Over time this should assure the opportunity for different property owners to participate with fresh perspectives on each Committee. And with the regular use of videoconferencing available through Zoom and other platforms, we hope that many non-resident/part-time property owners will feel comfortable committing the time and volunteer for one of our Board committees. Committee participation by our property owners is the best way, in my view, for us to obtain different property owner perspectives on the many issues that come before Board Committees, as a precedent for any proposals that are introduced to the full Board for consideration, discussion and possible action.

Over the past few years, our Governance Committee has been reviewing our Covenants with an eye to recommending changes to those that simply don’t make as much sense in 2021 as they may have in 1974 or 1987. With the outstanding return of ballots during the 2019 (80+%) and 2020 (75+%) Referenda, it seems clear that our residential property owners are engaged in considering changes to our Covenants that will improve our Sea Pines community and lifestyle. I am hopeful that we will be receiving recommendations from our Governance Committee – or the public at large – as to changes that are likely to garner significant property owner support, so that during the year we can continue the progression to a more modern set of Covenants that will govern Sea Pines future.

Our February 23 CSA Board meeting will again feature reports from Sam Bennett and his senior Staff. With Board Committees just getting organized, we don’t have a lot of “action” items for the Board. I do anticipate a much fuller agenda for our March meeting, including discussion of updated Land Use Management rules which are the substantial work-product of our Land Use Management Committee.

As always, we will respond at the end of our Board meeting to any questions from the community that are received at prior to or during our meeting. And you are always welcome to address any comments, concerns or critiques directly to my attention at, and I will do my best to respond promptly to your email.

I look forward to a very active year. With your support, I know we can continue to make progress in resolving issues that face our growing community.


Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman