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April 3rd Community Coffee Meeting Video Available

April 3rd Community Coffee
Meeting Video Available
Thank you to those who were able to attend last Wednesday’s Community Coffee either in person or via webinar. Click here to view the full meeting video.
For your convenience, we have provided direct links to portions of the meeting video below per the agenda.
Amanda Sutcliffe-Jones, CSA Director of Communications – click here
  • Welcome & Webinar Process Reminder
  •  Upcoming Events
  •  Annual Meeting Information
  •  CSA Beach Shuttle Information
  •  2019 Trolley Routes and Schedule Information
  • Heritage Update
Linda Zambelli, Turtle Trackers and Amber Kuehn, Sea Turtle Patrol – click here
David Henderson, CSA Director of Special Projects and Operations – click here
  • Beach and Boardwalks
  • Sea Pines Forest Preserve – Party in the Pines
  •  Leisure Trail Directional Signage
  • South Island Public Service Water Tower Project Update
  •  Alligator Research Project Update
Russell Fredericks, CSA Director of Maintenance – click here
  • Greenwood Drive Reconstruction/Landscaping Project Update
  • Lighthouse Road Resurfacing Project
  • Plantation Drive Leisure Trail Resurfacing
  • Beach and Boardwalk Repairs
  •  North Sea Pines Leisure Trail Widening
  • Other projects
Bret Martin, CSA President – click here
  • Proposed Referendum Update
5 Minute Meeting Break
Question and Answer Session  – click here