Community Updates

An Important Message From the Town Sand Fencing on the Beach

Hurricane Matthew destroyed many of the island’s natural dunes, so the Town of Hilton Head Island has placed wooden sand fences on about 10 miles of beach to catch wind-blown sand and build new dunes. Native dune plants have been planted in front of, between and behind these fences. These plants help catch additional sand and anchor the sand with their roots, to help stabilize our new dunes. Dunes help protect upland properties during storms and create habitat for many of our native species, such as sea turtles, six-lined racerunner lizards and dwarf live oaks. Our dunes help us, now let’s help our dunes!
Please help rebuild the beach we all love by doing the following:
  • Walk around sand fences and dune plants when going to the beach and use designated beach access pathways when available
  • Be sure to stay at least 15 feet away from fencing when choosing a beach spot for the day
  • Avoid parking bikes or leaving beach stuff in or around sand fences
Thank you for helping us keep Hilton Head Island beaches beautiful!!
Sally L. Krebs
Sustainable Practices Coordinator
ISA Certified Arborist
Certified Floodplain Manager
Town of Hilton Head Island