Community Updates

A Note from Sam Bennett, Sea Pines CSA President

October 23, 2020

Over the past several months, Sea Pines CSA has been working to update the community’s list of short- and long-term infrastructure challenges, as well as develop accurate cost estimates based on the most current information available to us.

We started by reviewing the annual infrastructure work recommended in the Sea Pines Reserve Study and the drainage needs identified in the 2016 Sea Pines Hydrology Study. The team also performed field assessments of the community’s master drainage system to ensure the hydrology study accurately reflects the current conditions of our drainage infrastructure.

Based on bids received last week for the repair and rebuild of North Sea Pines Drive, we updated the cost of the work proposed in the above studies.

Using the updated study inputs and current cost information from the North Sea Pines Drive project, our estimate is that approximately $51 million will be needed for critical infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. This amount reflects the cost of repairing, rebuilding and improving our roads, bridges, leisure trails, beach access points and the master drainage systems.

Each year, Sea Pines CSA has approximately $1.6 million available to spend on infrastructure projects, so we believe the community can account for $16 million of this future 10-year need, leaving a $35 million deficit. The deficit is what must be raised over the next decade to complete this crucial work.

In the coming weeks, Sea Pines CSA staff will be working with the Finance Committee and the Maintenance Enhancements and Major Projects Committee to finalize this 10-year infrastructure plan and its associated cost estimates. We look forward to sharing details with the community as we progress. Please be on the lookout for these updates, as well as further specifics on the North Sea Pines Drive project.

As we work through updating the infrastructure spending plan, please send us any thoughts, questions or comments you may have to I can also be reached at

Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable Sea Pines weekend.

Sam Bennett
Sea Pines CSA President