Community Updates

A Note From Sam Bennett, Sea Pines CSA President (April 10th)

April 10, 2020
Dear Sea Pines Community,

To begin, I want to say thank you for all the support and cooperation the CSA team has received from the community these past few weeks. These may be the most challenging times our community has seen in its 60+ year history. We have been through hurricanes, storms, economic downturns, and other financial challenges. But COVID-19 is different, it started on the other side of the world, moved quickly to our shores and it has the potential to become a regular part of our lives as we move forward. Because of this crisis, we have made many changes to the operations of our community. I do recognize there has not been unanimous agreement among our property owners on all of those changes, but I want to assure the community we have done our best to make decisions that keep Sea Pines safe while acting within the authority granted to CSA by our Sea Pines covenants and the local, state and federal laws.
The virus and our response to it continues to evolve at a very rapid pace, so, unfortunately, we sometimes had to make decisions before we have a chance to communicate them to our owners. That is not the way the CSA would normally operate, but unfortunately, these are not normal times. We will do our best to communicate changes ahead of time but ask for your understanding if it is not possible. Because of the virus and all the changes in our community we have received numerous communications with requests, ideas, thoughts, concerns, frustrations and thanks. The feedback from our property owners is appreciated and we have tried to respond to each of them but I am certain we have missed some. For that I would ask your indulgence as we continue to work through this challenging time.
Even with the operational changes, I hope you have noticed that the CSA employees’ commitment to their jobs has not wavered. We have changed how we work in order to protect our employees from the virus, but the work continues. When you see these employees as you are out exercising or driving through the gate, please give them a word of encouragement. They all absolutely deserve it but as is the new normal please do so from a safe distance.
In that same spirit there are many people who work in our community that have been impacted by the virus. All our commercial partners, the Sea Pines Center, the South Beach Community and The Sea Pines Resort have drastically scaled back their operations or in many cases closed until the crisis is over. This is the right thing for them to do, but it leaves many of our Sea Pines family unemployed or underemployed. When you look for food, goods or services, please consider using our Sea Pines establishments as it will help them keep paying their employees and allow them to quickly bring other employees back as we move closer to normal. As we move past this crisis, having strong commercial partners will be very important to the future of Sea Pines. In addition to these efforts, I would also ask you to consider supporting community charitable organizations and efforts that are focused on all impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.
Finally, my hope is that over the next month(s) Sea Pines can begin to safely move past the COVID-19 crisis and once again turn our attention to the bright future ahead of us. We finished last year and started this year with a conversation about our communities’ long term needs and how to best to secure the resources necessary to move forward. We have much work left to do on that subject. I want you to be aware that CSA is not immune from the financial impacts of this crisis. We are watching are finances as we work through these times and these impacts will also need to be a part of our future conversations, but for now our will focus will continue to be on what is most important: being safe, staying healthy and taking care of one another.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as Sea Pines CSA President. Monday will mark the start of week eight as my time as president. I serve the best community in the world with the best employees in the world. Please reach out to me and my team at if we can be of service.
Thank you again,

Sam Bennett
Sea Pines CSA President