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2022 Sea Pines Trolley New Year’s Eve Schedule & Holiday Safety Reminders

Holiday Safety Reminders

  • The use of personal fireworks and paper lanterns in Sea Pines is strictly prohibited and enforced. To report any issues with fireworks within the community, please contact Sea Pines Security by phone at 843.671.7170.
  • Remove the opportunity for theft by securing your vehicles (lock your doors and roll up your windows) and removing personal belongings from plain view when leaving vehicles unattended.
  • Hilton Head Island Beach Regulations may be found here.

2022 Sea Pines Trolley New Year’s Eve Schedule

The Sea Pines Trolley will run on Saturday, December 31st from 4:00 PM -1:00 AM

Click here to view the Sea Pines Trolley schedule and map.

Track the location of the trolley in real-time visit: