Traffic Task Force

The Sea Pines CSA Traffic Task Force, which includes the Sea Pines Circle Task Force and Greenwood Drive Task Force, was formed to make recommendations on the various issues that our community experiences concerning traffic, congestion, and access into and out of Sea Pines. This initiative will also include the portion of Greenwood Drive extending from the Greenwood Gate to Club Course Drive.


Resources & Updates:

Beaufort County Transportation Sales and Use Tax Referendum

Beaufort County Council is considering placing a Transportation Sales and Use Tax Referendum question on the November 2024 ballot. The question will ask the electorate to approve a 1% sales tax in Beaufort County beginning the following year and lasting for a period of 15 years. Currently, the county’s sales tax stands at 7%. By replacing the expiring Green Space Tax, this new sales tax would keep it at 7% overall. Funds raised through this tax would directly impact Sea Pines and nearby areas by allocating funds for improvements to include the Sea Pines Circle and adjacent corridors.

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