Sea Pines CSA and ASPPPO Committee Information

Why Serve?

Committee members discuss, come to a consensus, then take recommendations to the appropriate Board of Directors for approval.

If you are a Sea Pines resident and are interested in becoming more informed and involved in your community discussions and decisions, we encourage you to apply for membership in one of CSA or ASPPPO Committees.


How do I apply?

The committee application form can be found on the website at: You can choose the writeable format if you prefer and complete online (click here for writable application form).

Send completed application forms to Sandra Archer at: or drop off at the Sea Pines CSA Administration Building located at 175 Greenwood Drive.


Who makes the selections for committee members?

Committee chairmen, selected by the CSA Board of Directors Chairman (President for ASPPPO) and approved by the Board members, will review the applications specific to his/her committee. The chairman will consider skills and experience that apply to the purpose and responsibilities of the committee as outlined in the committee charter.


What is expected of a committee member?

Committee terms are a one year appointment, with additional terms determined by the committee chairman. Each committee has its own unique range of commitment; most meet 4 times a year. A schedule is determined annually so members can plan to be available for those meeting dates. Because there are so few meetings, attendance is critical to a well-functioning and productive committee.