Covenants, Rules, Regulations
The Sea Pines Community is governed by a unique set of Covenants.

Feel free to explore those covenants by using the links provided below.

– 1970 Class A Covenants – Single Family Dwellings (download PDF)

– 1970 Class B Covenants – Villas or Condominiums (download PDF)

– 1974 Covenants (download PDF)

– 1984 Covenants (download PDF)

– 1988 Covenants (download PDF)


The CSA and ASPPPO Boards have approved the following set of Rules and Regulations:

– Rules for Property Owners and Long Term Renters (download PDF)

Sea Pines Long Term Renters Gate Entry Access Rights and Restrictions (download PDF)

– Rules for Short Term Renters (download PDF)

– Rules for use of the Bike Trails (download PDF)

– Rules for Commercial Contractors (download PDF)

– Rental Guest Letter (download PDF)

– Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy (download PDF)

Beach Laws & Ordinances:

– County Regulations for Dogs and other Domestic Pets (download PDF)

– Unlawful Beach Activities – Hilton Head Island (download PDF)