Covenants, Rules, Regulations, Procedures
The Sea Pines Community is governed by a unique set of Covenants.

Consolidated Sea Pines Covenants and Land Use Documents

Official land records are publicly recorded documents and can be found at the Beaufort County Register of Deeds office. They are not CSA (Community Services Associates, Inc.) corporate records (except those that CSA may be a party to), although CSA may have an interest in validated land records that govern Sea Pines. As a complimentary service, CSA staff has compiled this document with the intent to provide links to copies of recorded covenants and land use documents regarding Sea Pines. Most records pre-date CSA formation and have been included for historical reference when possible. The recorded covenants and land use documents included in this publication are not a complete listing of all Sea Pines related covenants, but best efforts have been made to obtain copies and include the documents related to the Sea Pines community. What is not included are regime specific covenants, e.g., Gull Point Covenants or Deer Island Covenants.

A full listing of Sea Pines related covenants and official land records can be found at the Beaufort County Register of Deeds office located at 100 Ribaut Rd. Beaufort, SC 29901, their phone number is (843) 255-2555 or learn more by visiting their website at

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To navigate this document, click on any of the links on the index page (pg.2) to be directed to the recorded document. By enabling the navigation menu, bookmarks, downloading and printing are available. Please use caution when printing by selecting just the pages you would like to print. To return to the index, select the bookmark icon and select “Sea Pines Covenants/Return to Index of Covenants” or press the Home button on your keyboard. For questions or missing records, please contact This document will be updated as needed.
Date: 8/21/2018

Sea Pines Covenants and Land Use Resource


Feel free to explore those covenants by using the links provided below.

– 1970 Class A Covenants – Single Family Dwellings (download PDF)

– 1970 Class B Covenants – Villas or Condominiums (download PDF)

– 1974 Covenants (download PDF)

– 1984 Covenants (download PDF)

– 1988 Covenants (download PDF)


The CSA and ASPPPO Boards have approved the following set of Rules and Regulations:

– Rules for Property Owners and Long Term Renters (download PDF)

Sea Pines Long Term Renters Gate Entry Access Rights and Restrictions (download PDF)

– Rules for Short Term Renters (download PDF)

– Rules for use of the Bike Trails (download PDF)

– Rules for Commercial Contractors (download PDF)

– Rental Guest Letter (download PDF)

– Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy (download PDF)

Additonal Information: 

Beach Laws & Ordinances:

– County Regulations for Dogs and other Domestic Pets (download PDF)

– Unlawful Beach Activities – Hilton Head Island (download PDF)


Click here to view the Land Use Management – Standards and Procedures (Effective January 29, 2019)