Community Services Associates

Community Services Associates, Inc. (CSA) is a nonprofit 501-c4 whose mission is “To protect, maintain, and enhance the resources of Sea Pines for the benefit of the Sea Pines Community.” The organization acts through a 17-member board comprised of nine residential property owners (home owners), four representatives from The Sea Pines Resort and four members from the commercial entities within Sea Pines.

– CSA By-Laws (download PDF)

– CSA Organizational Chart (download PDF)

– CSA FY 2017 Approved Budget (download PDF)

-CSA Seven-Year Forecast as of January 31, 2019 (Click to view)

– CSA Annual Report: 20172016 |  2015 | 2014 | 2013

– CSA Long Range Strategic Plan: 2018

– Correspondence From your Board

-A Letter from Mark Griffith, CSA Board Chairman, September 19, 2018

– A Letter From Mark Griffith, CSA Board Chairman- November 2, 2017

2018 CSA Budgeted Income Statement

–  CSA 2019 Board of Directors Roster

CSA 2018 Standing Committee Charters

Communications Committee Charter 2018

Finance Committee Charter 2018

Governance Committee Charter 2018

Joint Short Term Rental Committee Charter 2018

Maintenance, Enhancements and Major Projects Committee Charter 2018

Safety and Security Committee Charter 2018

Sea Pines Forest Preserve Advisory Charter 2018

Land Use Management Committee Charter 2018