Community Services Associates

Community Services Associates, CSA is a nonprofit 501-c4 whose mission is “To protect, maintain, and enhance the resources of Sea Pines for the benefit of the Sea Pines Community.” The organization acts through a 17-member board comprised of nine residential property owners (home owners), four representatives from The Sea Pines Resort and four members from the commercial entities within Sea Pines.

– CSA By-Laws (download PDF)

– CSA Organizational Chart (download PDF)

– CSA FY 2017 Approved Budget (download PDF)

– CSA Annual Report: 2015 | 2014 | 2013

  • CSA Board Members

    Barry Barth
    Residential Representative
    Beverly Serral
    Residential Representative
    Bob Sowers
    Commercial Representative
    Bob Gossett
    Commercial Representative
    Carolyn Adams
    Sea Pines Resort Representative
    Cary Corbitt
    Sea Pines Resort Representative
    Charles Miner
    Residential Representative
    David Borghesi
    Residential Representative
    Don Sigmon
    Commercial Representative
    James Richardson
    Residential Representative
    Mark Griffith
    Mark King
    Commercial Representative
    Michael Tucker
    Vice Chairman
    Paul Crunkleton
    Residential Representative
    Richard Speer
    Residential Representative
    Scott Richardson
    Sea Pines Resort Representative
    Steve Birdwell
    Sea Pines Resort Representative
  • CSA Board Minutes

    January 24
    No Meeting in February
    March 28th
    No Meeting in April
    May 23rd


    January 8
    January 26
    March 15
    May 19
    June 21
    September 27
    November 22

    January 27
    February 23
    No Meeting in March
    April 28
    June 24
    September 22
    October 23
    November 24

    January 9th
    February 3rd (Special Board Meeting)
    February 25th
    March 25th
    April 10th (Special Board Meeting)
    May 27th
    June 24th
    August 13th
    August 21st (Class A Special Meeting)
    September 23rd
    October 3rd (Special Meeting)
    October 28th
    November 25

  • Committees

    2016 Committee Rosters (download PDF)

    Volunteer Application (download PDF)

    Committee Summary Updates 2016: Sep 21 | Aug 17 | June 15 | May 18

    In an effort to pass information to our property owners as quickly as possible, the CSA Board approved the posting of Committee Summary Updates at the May 2016 CSA Board Meeting. Please note: Meeting meetings are taken in CSA Committee Meetings, however the compilation, review and approval of those meeting minutes can sometimes take 2-3 weeks to complete.

    These Committee Summary Updates are not meant to take the place of the Committee Meeting Minutes, but instead to provide an update to our property owners on what topics/ projects CSA Committees are working on.

    View Meeting Minutes of the CSA Committees below:
    Communication Committee
    Executive Committee
    Finance Committee
    Gate Entry Committee
    Governance Committee
    Joint Short Term Rental Committee
    Safety & Security Committee

  • Assessment & Dues

    Community Services Associates Inc. invoices property owners for their annual assessments each year in December.

    Assessment Rates:
    Residential Family Dwelling Unit Developed 2017 Residential Assessment – $1,028.00
    Residential Lot Undeveloped 2017 Residential Assessment – $613.00

    Payment may be made by one of the following four methods:

    1. Mail a check made payable to CSA, Inc., include the enclosed payment coupon and write your Sea Pines property’s 8 digit account number on your check. Send to our bank lockbox address at: CSA, INC. P O BOX 628207 ORLANDO, FL 32862-8207

    2. Use your own online bill pay service – Transmit your CSA 11 digit “Bill Pay Account Number that begins with 15………” instead of your 8 digit Property Account Number for this method as noted on the enclosed payment notice

    3. Pay with check or cash directly at a Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) location near you. Bring your payment coupon with you to the bank

    4. Use credit card or e-check subject to a $9.95 surcharge per transaction via BB&T Association Services online payment services. You will need to key in three numbers which are shown on your CSA assessment notice: Bill Pay Number (11 digits “15xxxx…”), Serial Number (8 digits “70xx…”), and Unit Number (same 8 digits as the Serial Number). Contact BB&T Association Services with online payment service questions during Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5 pm EST at 888-722-6669 or 727-549-1202.

  • CSA Board Agendas

    June 26