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Greenwood Drive Access Recommendation

On June 7th, CSA hosted the Greenwood Drive Access Concepts Community Presentation. At this community meeting CSA President, Bret Martin presented concepts to address the access concerns along the corridor of Greenwood Drive between Sea Pines Circle and Club Course Drive.

Below you will find an excerpt from our June 7th , 2018 meeting in which Bret Martin presents the initial plan recommendation.

Click here to view the full Greenwood Drive Access Concepts Community Presentation meeting video from June 7th , 2018.

Through community surveys, workshops, meetings and direct conversations with our property owners Sea Pines CSA is recommending the following for improvements to the Greenwood Drive corridor. (Click here to see a larger version of this recommendation in a new window)

This Initial plan recommendation includes components of multiple solutions as presented,  please understand that not all concerns are being addressed by these initial plan recommendations. Please note these initial plan recommendations do not provide solutions for other traffic related considerations such as the Sea Pines Circle or Office Park Road intersection within the Greenwood Drive Corridor as they are not part of this initial recommendation. The concepts included in the initial plan recommendations address the following concerns:

  • Letter “A”-Gallery of Shops Location:
    • Gallery of Shops becomes CSA’s designated pass office, we believe this location will improve our speed of service.
    • This new location will allow CSA to issue and sell passes at one site out of the roadway, away from the gate.
    • This new location will allow CSA to scale our operations as needed based on volume.
  • Letter “B”- Provides for a new traffic lane to merge vehicles into our existing lanes on two lanes on Greenwood Drive.
  • Letter “C”- Provides for a method for turn-around before last curb cut at gate.
  • Letter “D”- Allows for pedestrian access to Publix Shopping Center
  • Letter “E- Eliminates one center median curb cut
  • Letter “F”- Provides a return lane from gate to pass office that doesn’t require driver to get back onto Greenwood Drive
  • Letter “G”-Provides turn lanes into new pass office to help with traffic flow
  • Initial Recommendation for Club Course Drive (Not Shown on rendering)
    • Allows Club Course traffic to enter Club Course Drive via the right lane on Greenwood, all other traffic entering Sea Pines would continue down Greenwood Drive in the left lane which reduces “weave” after the gate.
    • In this initial recommendation, a timer pad would be installed at the intersection of Greenwood Drive and Club Course Drive. Once a vehicle activates the pad, a timer begins and provides the gate officer with the amount of delay. The gate officer would then be able to slow and or stop the flow of traffic to allow for turns out of Club Course Drive.

We need your feedback on our proposed plan. We will collect feedback on the plan for 2 weeks from June 22 through July 6, 2018.

Community comments will be provided to the Sea Pines CSA Gate Configuration Committee, CSA Board of Directors, CSA staff directors and our engineers for review. Following the closing of the comment collection period, we will communicate to the community any revisions to the initial plan recommendation for Greenwood Drive Access.
We look forward to your feedback related to the initial plan recommendation for Greenwood Drive.