Meet Your CSA Board Candidate: Sharon Lowe

Meet Your CSA Board Candidate: Sharon Lowe

Candidate Name: Sharon Lowe

Running For: CSA Board

Candidate Category: Candidate by Petition



Sharon Lowe and her husband, Alistair, became Sea Pines homeowners in 2016, after vacationing on Hilton Head Island for over 25 years.

She is a Certified Public Accountant and her career involved several organizations. She was Assistant Director, Accounting and Financial Management Division, US General Accounting Office.  Her work revolved around the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s and was instrumental in getting the Congress to provide the funds and means to address the crisis. After that, she was selected to serve as the Assistant Inspector General for Audit at the Resolution Trust Corporation, the agency established to deal with the savings and loan crisis, and then at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, when it took over RTC.

Currently, she serves with several non-profit organizations, including as an Overseer for the Museum of Science in; as Treasurer for Victory Programs Inc.; as a Live Blue Service Leader and Educator for the New England Aquarium; and as a Volunteer Leader for Boston Cares.

Why I Wish To Serve Sea Pines:

As long time visitors to Hilton Head Island, we stayed in many areas.  But, when it came time to purchase our forever home, we only considered one place – Sea Pines.  We love the beaches, the paths, and the nearby restaurants and shops.  But, it was Charles Fraser’s vision that clinched it for us – living with the environment and its inhabitants.  Lawton Stables, Heritage Farms, the Forest Preserve and all the natural areas of Sea Pines are a treasure for all who live here and visit our community. Change is inevitable; updates and improvements are needed, but all must be done in balance with our environment.  And, all must be done with the entire community in mind.  I want to be a resounding, positive voice for property owners as we move forward in keeping Sea Pines a great place to live.

Questions From The Community:     

In preparation for the upcoming Board of Director elections for CSA and ASPPPO, the Nominating Committees of each of these Boards asked Sea Pines Property Owners for candidate questions in advance.

61 questions were submitted to the Nominating Committees of CSA and ASPPPO to be asked of the board candidates. Questions were grouped into six categories, Personal, General, Finance/ Revenue, Gate, Governance and Referendum. Please note that only the questions from the community are included to be asked of the candidates. Opinions, statements, dissertations or preambles or other comments included by a property owner were removed so that the candidate could address the question. Some statements had to be modified to appear in the form of a question.

Each candidate received the same list of questions and was able to provide their summary related to each of the six categories.

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