Meet Your CSA Board Candidate: Richard Speer

Meet Your CSA Board Candidate: Richard Speer

Candidate Name: Richard Speer

Running For: CSA Board

Candidate Category: New Candidate, Nomination by Committee

I have lived fulltime in Sea Pines since 1998. I am a retired Chairman of a financial services consulting firm to financial institutions in the U.S. and abroad.  Previously, I was SVP at American Express and held positions at three regional banks.

Over the years, I have served on boards of a major regional US bank holding company, a national finance company, a mortgage company and several venture capital / private equity investment firms as well as non-profit groups.

I serve as immediate past Chairman of the Board of the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and currently serve as a member of the Junior Jazz Foundation and ASPPPO Board of Directors.  My wife and I are members of St. Luke’s Church.

I am a graduate of Georgia Tech and serve on its Advisory Board to the College of Management.  My son, Trey, graduated as a “lifer” from Hilton Head Prep and is attending Indiana University this fall.  My wife, Tami and I have three married sons living in Indiana and Georgia and one grandson.

Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
Like all of us in Sea Pines, we are here by choice for the unique balance of environment, residential and resort living.  The next three to five years will determine how successful we are going to be as a community in balancing the inherent contentions between these three elements.

It remains critical to continue the stewardship begun 50+ years ago as the older homes are replaced; the resort completes replacing aging facilities and seeks to develop new ones, and as the surrounding environment outside our gates continues to evolve.

Preserving what has made our community unique and improving it for those that follow enhances the quality of life for all of us. This is a stewardship I would like to contribute to and be a part of.

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