Meet Your CSA & ASPPPO Board Candidate: Mark Piegza

Meet Your CSA & ASPPPO Board Candidate: Mark Piegza

Candidate Name: Mark Piegza

Running For: CSA & ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: Candidate by Nominating Committee

Cell:  (917) 689-7467

I moved to Sea Pines this past summer from New Jersey with my wife, Lisa, and two children, Alexandra and Charlie, the latter of whom is training at Smith Stearns.  We have been vacationing in Sea Pines over the past five years and fell in love with the community.  We are delighted to be here full-time.

In my professional career, I run two businesses.  I am the President of Convergence Advisors, a company I founded 10 years ago to provide advisory services to clients in the telecom, media, and technology sectors.  I am also a co-founder, CFO, and Board member of U.S. Space, which provides satellite services to commercial and government clients.  Prior to starting my own businesses, I have over 20 years of investment banking experience.

I have a MBA from the Wharton School and a BS from the University of Illinois.  Lastly, my favorite hobby is playing tennis.

Why I Wish To Serve Sea Pines:

I wish to serve the Sea Pines community for two reasons.  First, my wife and I recently chose to make Sea Pines our permanent home.  We spent the past five years thinking about where we would want to call home when we moved from New Jersey, and the choice to us was clear – Sea Pines.  It’s a beautiful and unique place and we knew when we moved that we wanted to take an active role in our new community.  Second, Sea Pines has undergone significant change in the past several years, and will likely continue to grow and change over the next several.  Managing this type of growth requires leaders who have experience in building and overseeing organizations that are changing, and who can build consensus and be a strong advocate for their fellow constituents.  I will be that strong advocate for my fellow Sea Pines property owners.

Questions From The Community:     

In preparation for the upcoming Board of Director elections for CSA and ASPPPO, the Nominating Committees of each of these Boards asked Sea Pines Property Owners for candidate questions in advance.

61 questions were submitted to the Nominating Committees of CSA and ASPPPO to be asked of the board candidates. Questions were grouped into six categories, Personal, General, Finance/ Revenue, Gate, Governance and Referendum. Please note that only the questions from the community are included to be asked of the candidates. Opinions, statements, dissertations or preambles or other comments included by a property owner were removed so that the candidate could address the question. Some statements had to be modified to appear in the form of a question.

Each candidate received the same list of questions and was able to provide their summary related to each of the six categories.

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