Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Paula Scanlon

Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Paula Scanlon

Candidate Name: Paula Scanlon

Running For: ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: New Candidate, Nomination by Committee

Scanlon is an accomplished leader in corporate and nonprofit marketing and communications (retired).  Her background is in strategic and tactical marketing, brand management and marketing communications.  She trained and worked with industry-leading organizations such as Verizon, Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Martin Agency, federal agencies and national nonprofits.

In addition to her industry lectures, Scanlon received numerous awards on the job and was recognized by the American Advertising Federation for contributions to the advertising industry.  She was also an active member of the Association of National Advertisers, National Advertising Review Board, Advertising Assn. of Metro Washington and the American Advertising Federation.

Scanlon is from the Washington, D.C. area.  She is a golfer (a term she uses loosely) with special interests in volunteering (Memory Matters board member, CSA Strategic Planning Committee) and travel.

Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
It pains me to see the current divisiveness in our community.  I believe all of us have much more in common than not.  Sea Pines and I go back a long way – to 1973 when I worked for the Sea Pines Community, Brandermill, in Richmond, VA.  The concept of a master-planned community with innovative and ecologically motivated design has stayed with me since those early days.

As property owners, we have a vested interest in the success of Sea Pines.  This community has been through tough times, e.g. resort ownership changes, bankruptcy, etc.  My perspective includes our history as well as hopes for the future.  I bring analytical skills coupled with a strategic vision and tactical execution experience to make plans happen.  I am a common sense, level-headed person with a priority towards inclusion.  And I believe our residents would benefit from more education about our gated community.

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