Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Paul Crunkleton

Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Paul Crunkleton

Candidate Name: Paul Crunkleton

Running For: ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: New Candidate, Nomination by Committee


Born and raised in Philadelphia.  BS Chemistry from Philadelphia University.  We have 2 children and 2 grandchildren.   Live full-time in Sea Pines since 2000.  Business career spent with Eastman Chemical Company.  Held sales and marketing positions and retired as Director, Global Accounts.  Served as President of the National Account Management Organization and Sales Association of the Chemical Industry.

Served on ASPPPO Board and currently serve on CSA Board.  Also serve on Safety and Security Committee, Gate Entrance Reconfiguration Committee and Land Use Management Committee.  Previously served on CSA Maintenance and Beautification Committee.  Served on the Town Circle to Circle Committee.  Served as a Red Coat for the Heritage.  Currently, I volunteer for Second Helpings, Meals on Wheels and Hilton Head Heroes.

Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
Sea Pines is our home.  We chose to live here because of its natural beauty and its amenities.  We are a world class residential community.  To remain world class, we must control our own destiny.  That requires a unified, community effort; clear and continuing communications, transparency in all actions and a clear, strategic long-term plan.

We have made great strides remaining world class.  However, we are over 50 years old and the infrastructure needs serious improvement.  A plan requires the financial commitment of all Sea Pines (commercial and residential).  Our Strategic Plan gives us this direction; however, we need a unified effort, from every Sea Pines interest, to get our financial needs in place.

As ASPPPO Board Member, I will promote the common good and interest of residential property owners.  ASPPPO is the guardian of the covenants and I will work for covenants compliance.  I want to be part of the team that resolves our differences, protects our quality of life and keeps Sea Pines a world-class residential community.

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