Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Daniel Westerbeck

Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Daniel Westerbeck

Candidate Name: Daniel Westerbeck

Running For: ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: Incumbent By Nominating Committee



I hold an MBA and JD and spent most of my 27 year career as a corporate tax lawyer and litigator for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe RR in Chicago, retiring as Vice President and General Tax Counsel in 1999. I tried cases primarily against the IRS so I am accustomed to immovable objects.

From 1987-99 I planned and executed more than $13 billion in financing and restructuring transactions to save the company from several hostile takeover attempts and create the BNSF by merging Santa Fe and BN. These transactions required creativity, tax planning, and novel structures (like master limited partnerships) to succeed. I am accustomed to resolving conflicts.

We've owned property since 1995 and resided here since 2005. We are members of Sea Pines Country Club where I served on the board. I have chaired the ASPPPO Committee of Property Owner Association Presidents for the past four years.

Why I Wish To Serve Sea Pines:

Sea Pines has issues inside and outside the gates, but in essence, we need to make your day to day lives better. I wish to increase participation in ASPPPO, make it proactive and responsive to residential property owners, 62% of whom are non-resident.

Our Plantation’s infrastructure and governing documents are 50+ years old. Both need restructuring. Residential property owners already fund CSA so the money for any future improvements will come from us. ASPPPO, as the residential property owners’ representative must take the lead in any such discussions.

I am on the ASPPPO Board now and am familiar with the Resort negotiations.  I believe the terms for amending the covenants, approved by the current board, were unacceptable to residential property owners and would not pass.  All of the issues raised by property owners needs to be addressed.

Questions From The Community:     

In preparation for the upcoming Board of Director elections for CSA and ASPPPO, the Nominating Committees of each of these Boards asked Sea Pines Property Owners for candidate questions in advance.

61 questions were submitted to the Nominating Committees of CSA and ASPPPO to be asked of the board candidates. Questions were grouped into six categories, Personal, General, Finance/ Revenue, Gate, Governance and Referendum. Please note that only the questions from the community are included to be asked of the candidates. Opinions, statements, dissertations or preambles or other comments included by a property owner were removed so that the candidate could address the question. Some statements had to be modified to appear in the form of a question.

Each candidate received the same list of questions and was able to provide their summary related to each of the six categories.

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