Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Dana Advocaat

Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Dana Advocaat

Candidate Name: Dana Advocaat

Running For: ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: New Candidate, Nomination By Petition

I am a native Cincinnatian, and now a South Carolinian. My career spanned the technology and communications sectors in New York, and my second career is in real estate with Keller Williams.  Diederik, a Dutchman, is my husband, and we have two boys, one who recently graduated from Hilton Head High.   As a family, we have lived in Amsterdam, New York and finally London for 17 years.   We first owned our Sea Pines home as a vacation home and rental property, then moved here full-time in 2012.    The concerns of both second homeowners and residents are familiar and important to me.   I serve as the co-president of the Heritage Pond POA and a member of the Gate Committee.  I am passionate about being an advocate for Sea Pines property owners and helping to shape our future that works for everyone.  BA Rollins College; MBA Thunderbird School, ASU

Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
I have come to Hilton Head since the ‘60s.  Like many of you, I planned to return here permanently for many years.  Sea Pines is the “north star” of gated communities – a beach community that used nature’s plan, rather than road grids, as a guide for development.  I am passionate about conserving Charles Fraser’s vision, our beaches, maritime forests and open spaces for future generations.  In recent years, property owners’ voices have been lost to commercialism.  A commercially driven CSA Board dominates property owners’ interests and refuses to let ASPPPO even manage a database of its own members.  It’s time for ASPPPO to chart a future independent of CSA.  ASPPPO must act like a homeowner’s association and provide services like one.  It is the only organization with the power to represent us and protect our Covenant-granted rights.  If elected, I promise you will start to see value in the $35 dues.

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