Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Christopher Cliffe

Meet Your ASPPPO Board Candidate: Christopher Cliffe

Candidate Name: Christopher Cliffe

Running For: ASPPPO Board

Candidate Category: Candidate by Petition

Phone:    843 290 7178
Address:  14 Sandfiddler Road


Education and Business

After receiving a B.Sc. from the University of Surrey (UK) I went on to graduate as an accountant and became a fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

From 1971 I worked for multinational companies in various industries including chemicals, oil and pharmaceuticals migrating from accounting and finance into strategy and general management. I have directed teams involved in numerous project design and implementation programs across IT, various engineering and construction projects, and company re-organizations. I have negotiated with corporate financiers, company owners, government departments and service providers.

Why I Wish To Serve Sea Pines:

Many property owners are questioning the management and governance of Sea Pines and expressing concerns about the representation of their interests.

I wish to be in the vanguard of de-coupling ASPPPO from CSA while safeguarding member influence over CSA decisions, operations and spending.

I propose to insist that CSA only undertakes activities and incurs associated costs which are necessarily, wholly and exclusively incurred in the administration and provision of community services and the enforcement of the entrance gate policy.

I wish to assist ASPPPO in preparation of its negotiating position in relation to the Resort’s development proposals, the application of the gate entry policy, and the introduction of more equitable assessments payable by the Resort and other Commercial Interests.

I propose to promote ASPPPO as the premier representative of property owners through increased openness, more regular consultation and clear accountability through more town hall type meetings, an ASPPPO website, and more use of digital communications.

Questions From The Community:     

In preparation for the upcoming Board of Director elections for CSA and ASPPPO, the Nominating Committees of each of these Boards asked Sea Pines Property Owners for candidate questions in advance.

61 questions were submitted to the Nominating Committees of CSA and ASPPPO to be asked of the board candidates. Questions were grouped into six categories, Personal, General, Finance/ Revenue, Gate, Governance and Referendum. Please note that only the questions from the community are included to be asked of the candidates. Opinions, statements, dissertations or preambles or other comments included by a property owner were removed so that the candidate could address the question. Some statements had to be modified to appear in the form of a question.

Each candidate received the same list of questions and was able to provide their summary related to each of the six categories.

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