Meet Your ASPPPO and CSA Board Candidate: Thomas McPhillips

Meet Your ASPPPO and CSA Board Candidate: Thomas McPhillips

Candidate Name: Thomas McPhillips

Running For: ASPPPO and CSA Boards

Candidate Category: New Candidate, Nomination by Committees

Born in Pittsburgh Tom is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and Columbia University (MBA). After almost seven years on active duty, as a helicopter pilot and naval officer, he joined Pfizer where he was employed over twenty-six years retiring in 2013. Upon completion of active service, he transitioned into the Naval Reserves retiring as a Commander in 1999. During his naval service, his deployments took him around the world building an even greater appreciation for our country and the vital mission of the Navy. At Pfizer, his roles evolved and expanded, finishing as Vice-President of a team providing account management, customer services, marketing and inventory management for the U.S. pharmaceuticals businesses. Tom currently serves on the Gate Entry and Short Term Rental Committees. Tom and Robin, his wife of thirty-six years, have two adult children and have owned (timeshare, lot, condo, house) in Sea Pines since the 1980s.

 Why I wish to serve Sea Pines:
I have served my country and communities for many years and now would like to help Sea Pines build a better future for all. The serenity, weather, natural beauty, expansive beaches, amenities, and how the community blends into the surroundings attracted us to Sea Pines Plantation. The current board’s recent actions have put us on a track to significantly commercialize our community while not adequately addressing resident’s everyday quality of life issues. Having been deeply involved with many large mergers and having worked within large diverse organizations I would leverage the listening, communication and leadership skills developed to mold a harmoniously blended residential-resort community. We should strive to create a five-star community, in which a five-star resort could emerge, and a future which is better for us all.

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