New Owner Information

Property Owner Golf Tee Time Information

Fellow Golfers,

Attached is the agreement for the covenant use of property owner tee times reached between the ASPPPO Tee Time Task Force (John Farrenkopf, Mike Joyce, Margie Tomczak, and Dick Matthews) and the Sea Pines Resort.

Every effort has been made to reach a mutual understanding that both protects our covenant rights while allowing the resort the flexibility it needs to maximize the use of their courses for certain groups and events. This new agreement is an updated understanding on the original agreement from 2007. This agreement in no way removes the covenants protecting tee times for property owners.

While The Resort has provided a definitive list of scheduled events for the immediate and mid-range future (included in the attachment), we know there will be further requests and changes to the tee times based upon bookings made by The Resort.  Going forward The Resort will make those announcements on the CSA website –

As Task Force chair I would stress two points: 1) the changing availability of covenant tee times will happen only on rare occasion, and 2) all members of the task force stand ready to assist should you incur any circumstance that that falls outside the lines of this agreement.

Dick Matthews

Task Force Chair and ASPPPO Board Member">

View the agreement by clicking here. 



Due to the cold we have had to make a couple adjustment due to cancelled events.

·         1/8  today we were to host the HH Women on Atlantic Dunes – this was cancelled due to courses closed – we have rescheduled them on 1/22 on Atlantic Dunes. There are additional tee times on Heron Point if needed.

·        1/15 on HTGL we are hosting a member/member event for the SP plan II and plan III members and as well as our sports club members with an 11:30 shotgun start on the front nine. All member and property owner tee times have been accommodated in front of and after this event. No disruption

·         1/15 on Atlantic Dunes we are hosting the HH Men. No changes and additional tee times are provided on Heron Point.

·        1/29  on HTGL we are hosting the HH Men. No changes and additional tee times are provided day before and day after as needed at HTGL

·        1/30 and 1/31 on HTGL we are hosting an additional event for HH men. No disruption in tee time availability as we will double tee on front nine and back nine from 8 am to 10 am. All property owners and members will have front nine tee times and HH Men will tee off back nine. Afternoon tee times are single tee as normal no changes.

 All other tournaments and events planned are still as previously announced.