Community Updates

Update on the Sea Pines Daily Gate Fee Increase

Dear Sea Pines Property Owners,
At this morning’s community coffee, Michael Tucker, CSA Board Vice Chairman, provided an update on the status of the Sea Pines daily gate fee increase. We’d like to share the status update he provided with the entire community for those of you who could not attend the meeting.
Thank you,
Bret Martin
President, CSA
“In order to make any changes to the Sea Pines Gate Fee, signatures from CSA, The Sea Pines Resort and the ownership of the Sea Pines Center are required. In the fall of 2016, a Task Force of the CSA Gate Entry Committee was created to discuss a possible gate fee increase effective April, 2017. After numerous discussions between the entities needed to approve any change, no agreement was reached.
In May of 2017, representatives of the CSA Executive Committee initiated meetings with the appropriate entities in an effort to increase the Daily Gate Fee. Although all parties remained committed to a positive outcome, through the summer and fall months of 2017, each party and their counsel raised issues needing to be addressed before any final agreement could be completed.
Just as we reached the point where we had an agreement between the Resort, Sea Pines Center and those members of the Executive Committee, we became aware of a possible challenge from a Commercial member. We have very recently received an assertion of approval rights by the challenging commercial interest.
The rights being asserted are under review by counsel and we have been advised not to comment further on this matter. We are working as quickly as possible to get this challenge resolved so we can execute a gate fee increase.”