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Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Special Meeting Held August 15; E-bike Discussion

Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Vote to Continue Ban on E-bikes in Sea Pines

At the Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors special meeting held on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, a motion was unanimously carried to support the resolution, “Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Position, Ebikes”:

RESOLVED, Sea Pines Community Services Associates, Inc., Board of Directors, reaffirms the ban, listed in the Gate Entry Policy, Section, adopted November 15, 2022, as follows:

Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, U-Haul Type Vehicles: These types of vehicles or vehicles with living and sleeping facilities, or water and electrical power hookups have restricted entry into Sea Pines. Residential Property Owners are authorized to store boats, trailers, motorcycles, “U-Haul type” vehicles, campers, etc. only in an enclosed garage. At no time may any type of motorcycle, dune buggy, electric cart, golf cart, low-speed vehicle, moped or motor assisted bicycle or conveyance of any type be operated on any road or access way within the confines of Sea Pines. Such conveyance must be transported to the designated garage via trailer or truck. Recreational vehicles may obtain authorized entry into Sea Pines for four hours to load or unload only.

FURTHER: Sea Pines CSA may grant medical and health exemptions, for Sea Pines Property Owners, with such requirements and conditions it determines appropriate”.

In addition, the Board directed Sea Pines CSA Staff to develop a comprehensive Leisure Trail Safety Program to include signage, enforcement measures, and education materials to be brought to the Board for approval by the end of the year and implemented in 2024.

Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Meeting Video & Recap Available

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