Community Updates

Information Regarding the Proposed Restated ASPPPO By-Laws

August 31, 2018
Dear ASPPPO Members,
Early this week, an email was sent out requesting your feedback on a draft set of revised ASPPPO Bylaws. Since then, we have received some questions and I wanted to provide some clarifications.
1. A diverse team of community volunteers, who are members of ASPPPO, worked over the past several months to prepare a revised set of ASPPPO Bylaws that would address several serious problems with the antiquated set of bylaws that currently bind us.
2. After many long meetings, a draft was accepted by our task force. The draft was distributed to the ASPPPO Board for their review and we posted the proposed Restated bylaws for public comment. Thank you to those who have already provided input.
3. The ASPPPO board will discuss this at the September 20 Board meeting.
4. The ASPPPO Governance Task Force will reconvene to review all comments provided, resolve any open issues and clean up open language issues. If we get through that, it will go back to the Board one more time for their review and recommendation to the membership. We hope to have this completed by the November 8 Board meeting.
4. If that is affirmative, the bylaws will be added to the 2019 Annual Meeting in April for a vote by the ASPPPO membership. If that is a majority, they will be adopted. If not, we will remain under the existing bylaws until the 2020 annual meeting and can again decide if there is a different proposal.
To view a redlined version comparing the current ASPPPO Bylaws to our proposed changes of the Restated ASPPPO Bylaws click here.
Changing our organizational bylaws is a lengthy and tedious process and probably accounts for why the ASPPPO bylaws have gone unchanged for decades. This has not been done before, so we are developing the process as we go. Hopefully, this answers members concerns about transparency and the process.
Again, we look forward to your feedback on restated ASPPPO bylaws which can be provided by clicking here.
Thank you,
Charlie Miner
ASPPPO President & ASPPPO Governance Task Force Chairman