Community Updates

Gate Access & Pass Sales, SPCSA Office & Facility Updates

Gate Access & Pass Sales:

  • Currently, the entrance gate into Sea Pines at the Greenwood Gate has been reduced to one lane. We expect to resume normal gate operations as of tomorrow morning.
  • The sale of all Sea Pines daily visitor gate passes was discontinued as of 11:00 AM today, August 30th. We will resume the sale of┬ádaily visitor gate passes tomorrow, Thursday (8/31) at 11:00 AM.
  • Commercial Gate Pass sales will resume tomorrow, Thursday (8/31) at 7:00 AM. If you are in need of access for an emergency repair service tonight (8/30), please contact Sea Pines Security Dispatch at 843-671-7170 and provide the service provider’s name, date and time of arrival, and reason for service.

Sea Pines CSA Office/ Facility Updates

  • The Welcome Center Guest Pass Office discontinued issuing Sea Pines Guest Passes from this location as of 11:00 AM today, August 30th. Property Owners needing a guest pass should contact the Sea Pines Security Dispatch office at 843-671-7170. The Welcome Center Guest Pass Office will resume operations at 11:00 AM tomorrow, Thursday (8/31).
  • Sea Pines CSA Administration Office, Sea Pines ARB and the Sea Pines Community Center are closed today (8/30). These offices will resume operations at 11 AM tomorrow, Thursday (8/31).
  • Access to Tower Beach and its facilities, The Sea Pines Forest Preserve, and Six Oaks are currently closed and will reopen once clean up efforts can be completed.
  • Parking Lots along Power Line Easement:
  • To continue to allow Santee Cooper unobstructed access to the major transmission lines in Sea Pines, please do not park vehicles in lot numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10.

Sea Pines Trolley Service

    • The Sea Pines Trolley service for Thursday (8/31) is to be determined.