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Beachwalks/Beach Boardwalk Update

The following beachwalks/beach boardwalks locations are open at this time:

Beach Marker Location (Updated as of 1.6.17)
11 Between Brown Pelican and Gadwall
12 Between Black Duck and Brown Pelican
13 Tower Beach Club
15 Between Belted Kingfisher and Painted Bunting
18 Between Greenwing Teal and Cedar Wax Wing
20 Bewteen Marsh Wren and Seaside Sparrow
21 Between Grey Widgeon and Marsh Wren
22 Bewteen Piping Plover and Grey Widgeon
23 Between Royal Tern and Piping Plover
24 Between Black Skimmer and Royal Tern
25 Between Snowy Egret and Black Skimmer
26 Between Surf Scoter and Snowy Egret
29 Between #41 and #43 Beach Lagoon
31 Between #27 and #29 Beach Lagoon Road
32 Between #19 and #21 Beach Lagoon
33A Between # 3 and #5 Beach Lagoon
39 Between Whistling Swan and Red Cardinal
40 Between Spotted Sandpiper and Whistling Swan
41 Between Laughing Gull and Spotted Sandpiper
41A Between Oyster Catcher and Laughing Gull
42A Between Duck Hawk and Oyster Catcher
43A Between Wood Ibis and Duck Hawk
44 Between Green Heron and Wood Ibis
45 Between Sandhill Crane and Green Heron
46 Between Ruddy Turnstone and Sandhill Crane
47 At Canvasback Road