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2019 ASPPPO and CSA Election and ASPPPO Bylaws Results

CSA & ASPPPO Board of Directors Election Results Announced

Thank you to each of our property owners who participated in this year’s Board of Directors Elections for CSA and ASPPPO.

Announcement of Election Results By Total Vote

CSA Election Results

Candidate and Vote Count

Dave Borghesi – 1,985

David Ellis – 1,821

David Pardue – 1,811

Diederik Advocaat – 1,328

Bob Quinn – 1,066

The three candidates elected for CSA Board of Directors: Dave Borghesi, David Ellis, David Pardue

ASPPPO Election Results

Candidate and Vote Count

Dana Guazzo – 1,584

David Ellis – 1,536

Grover Todd – 1,412

These three candidates will be the Directors to serve on the ASPPPO Board of Directors: Dana Guazzo, David Ellis and Grover Todd

Congratulations are extended to the winners of the CSA and ASPPPO Board of Director Elections. Their three year terms will begin on January 1, 2020.

We would also like to thank the other candidates that participated in this year’s election as well as all of those property owners who cast their vote.

Results of the  Proposed Restated and Amended set of ASPPPO bylaws

Yes – 1,370
No – 412