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Hargray Lowcountry Broadband Project
As of December 1, 2015 Hargray Communications has been performing telecommunications infrastructure upgrades within Sea Pines Plantation. This work is requiring an upgrade to the main line fiber optics throughout the Plantation. This new fiber connection will allow Hargray to offer internet speeds up to one gigabit to any resident or business within Sea Pines

A message from Hargray Communications

Hello from Hargray Communications Overbuild Group. During our fiber optic overbuild project, we at Hargray want the residents of Sea Pines to know we will be constructing in your area. Unfortunately, during our time of construction, there may be times we will disturb your landscapes. We want you to know, we are committed to restoring all disturbed areas on your property to its original condition. However, before any construction related issues are repaired, we will need to complete construction on your street or development. The colleagues associated with the Hargray Fiber Optic Overbuild Project want you to know our mission is to expeditiously construct, complete, and cleanup.

During this time, your input is most appreciated. If you have any existing construction or cleanup questions, please feel free to call me at 843-341-1503.

Clint Roberts, Overbuild Project Manager, Hargray Communications


Overview of Construction

Find out what area you are in.

Area Maps

Area 3 – Complete

Area 5 – Complete

Area 6 – Complete

Area 4 – In Progress

Area 2 – In Progress

Area 1 – In Progress

Hargray needs your help!

Please help Hargray locate items such as:

  • Invisible Dog Fences
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Propane Tanks
  • Any other underground items that they should know about

Please call their toll free, dedicated construction number 1-866-531-9276 to share this information with them.

How to reach Hargray

In case of Emergency:

If you notice the a leaking water line, a wheezing propane tank/line, or have lost power to your home as a result of nearby Hargray construction activities, please immediately contact:

Clint Roberts
Sr. Project Manager

For all other construction related questions/concerns, please call: 866-531-9276.

For general information about Hargray services and Lowcountry Broadband, please call: 866-531-9270.

View the power point presentation Hargray presented at the December 2nd, 2015 Community Coffee.